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Ben Watt has lived in Peoria and served this community for most of his life.

Ben Watt cares about this community and has proven it for decades. He has a track record of tangible service and authentic compassion in Peoria and beyond. You can trust him to continue that legacy as your next state representative! Don’t be afraid to vote for this political outsider, no matter what your political affiliation. Ben Watt is for all of us!

Here's the scoop:
Ben and Kristina are celebrating 16 years of marriage and have 4 children. They spent their first 12 years of married life on the East Bluff. As the family grew, they moved to a larger home near Sterling Ave.

From the time he was a pre-teen, Ben spent Saturdays and Sundays building relationships and ministering to kids and families on Peoria’s South Side.  He said, “One of the reasons I waited a year before going to college to study for the ministry was because I loved the families on my church bus route and hated to leave them.”

From 2001 until 2011, he served as the youth pastor at El Vista Baptist Church in Peoria and frequently volunteered at Harrison Primary School and Manual High School. He drove a bus for Peoria Public Schools 3 of those years. Mr. Thom Simpson, a former PPS administrator said, “I knew Ben loved the kids who rode his bus because he learned every one of their names the first week of school.”

In 2011, Ben founded Next Step, a ministry for fatherless males. Over 20 prayer meetings were held to pray for young men growing up without their fathers. Over a dozen men were trained to become mentors. Many guys with absent dads were helped. Devon was a Manual student who found himself homeless and headed down a path of destruction. "Brother Ben" helped him find housing, walked with him through trying times, and was with him for his high school graduation!  They remain friends to this day.

In 2012, in order to support his family financially while starting Next Step, Ben took a humble overnight job cleaning motorcoaches at Peoria Charter. This kept his days free to volunteer and mentor fatherless males. During those years he was promoted several times, eventually becoming an officer of the company overseeing HR and DOT Compliance. His service to the community continued, and he led Peoria Charter to adopt Glen Oak Community Learning Center. In 2017, Ben’s example and encouragement resulted in over 20% of Peoria Charter’s employees volunteering time and resources to the staff, students, and families of Glen Oak. In fact, Peoria Public Schools Foundation recognized Ben and his incredible team as “Adopt-a-School Business of the Year.”

Ben Watt is ready to take his service to this community to the next level if you're willing to send him to Springfield as your representative.

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