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Crime - 
I do not believe a defendant's wealth should determine whether or not they are held in pre-trial detention, however, the SAFE T Act is a poorly written law that makes it easier to be a criminal and harder to provide safe communities. I am absolutely opposed to releasing dangerous criminals onto our streets. I support legislation that helps police treat everyone with dignity. I recognize that the absence of good male role models is wreaking havoc on our society. We can do better, and I look forward to exploring fresh ideas that will make us a safer society without eroding our God-given right to self-defense.


Political Malpractice & Corruption - It was 3:30 AM on the last day of a lame duck session and the Democrats introduced the SAFE-T Act, a bill over 750 pages long. After virtually no debate or exchange of ideas, and without carefully considering the negative impact of the bill, the measure was pushed through just hours before the session ended. This is not how government should work. Even now, the working group (led by my opponent) tasked with fixing this broken piece of legislation has refused to invite any Republicans to provide input. That's not how good government works. We cannot continue to allow this kind of political malpractice.

Taxes - We must address our pension crisis - we cannot afford to ignore it!
According to the non-partisan Illinois Policy Institute, we may be only 15 years away from pension insolvency. 
There is a solution to this crisis! We can hold harmless those already in the pension program while also reducing our heavy tax burden and restructuring future pension plans so they will remain sustainable. But we need someone willing to listen and work with both sides of the aisle. I can help bring that unity to the table.
We should also consolidate units of government. Illinois has over 9,000 governing bodies with the power to tax. That's more than New York or California! We can eliminate some overlapping roles and save tax payers millions!

Better Education - one size doesn't fit all when it comes to educating our children. I will do all that I can to ensure parents are able to choose the best education for their children, regardless of income. Homeschool, private school, parochial school, alternative school, public schools - every family should be able to choose what best fits their needs. I support expanding the Invest in Kids Act that will expire if we don't take action! I also support eliminating administrative redundancy. 46% of Illinois school districts serve just 1-2 schools. That means a superintendent and principal are both getting paid by our taxes even though their jobs significantly overlap.

Abortion - we have an enemy, and that enemy is late term abortion. When a baby can feel pain, we should protect it's innocent life. Unfortunately, our Democrat-led legislature has written into law (SB 25) that unborn children have no rights in Illinois, even those babies who are far enough along to survive outside the womb. My opponent sponsored SB 25, and also voted for tax payer funding of abortion. 
A better society will provide support for moms, make adoption easier, and protect the lives of it's most vulnerable population.

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