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Ben Watt Reacts to Supreme Court ruling days before primary election.
Click above to read the reaction of other candidates. Here is mine:

The US Constitution is neutral on the issue of abortion and therefore the authority to permit, prohibit, or regulate abortion belongs to the elected representatives of the people, not the appointed judges of the Supreme Court. I'm grateful that our current SCOTUS understood the assignment and returned the power to the people.

Not to worry if you're pro-abortion because Illinois legislators took preemptive action by passing SB 25 (co-sponsored by Jehan Gordon-Booth) to ensure that unborn babies in Illinois can have their lives intentionally terminated at any stage of development, including when the baby can feel pain or is partially born, for any reason. Previous legislation passed under Bruce Rauner ensures that these heinous procedures can be paid for with hard-working Illinoisan's tax dollars.

I suspect that this ruling will expose some "pro-life" politicians who care more about "pro-life" donations than the protection of unborn babies. It will also expose "pro-choice" politicians who claim to care about human rights but have total disregard for the most vulnerable humans in our society.

Let us rise to the occasion and compassionately care for mothers faced with the overwhelming weight of an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy, and let's do it without taking the life of her child."



Non-partisan Monthly Prayer Meetings

Each month from June through November, Ben Watt will host a prayer meeting to ask God to meet the needs of District 92. Everyone is invited, regardless of political affiliation. Follow us on Facebook for times and locations. @BenWattfor92



Click here to listen to Ben discuss his candidacy with Maggie Strahan of WCBU.
In this interview, I share what is important to me. But as I continue on the campaign trail, I look forward to listening and learning so that I can represent Disctrict 92 well for everyone, even those who have different priorities than those discussed here.

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